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Press photo of Mrs. Berg for free use with indication of the photographer Joseph Strauch

Sibylle Berg was born in Weimar, lived with a foster family in Constanta and later also in Israel, Germany and has Swiss citizenship. She studied in Hamburg, was active in Judo, Kung Fu and in military diving.  Sibylle Berg considers herself part of the Straight Edge movement and identifies herself as non-binary.

Sibylle Berg began writing while she was still studying (including oceanography) and has become one of the best-known contemporary playwrights in the German-speaking world with (current status 2020: 27 plays, 15 novels, numerous anthologies and radio plays, as well as complete translations into 34 languages.

Sibylle Berg was awarded the Swiss Book Prize for her latest novel "GRM - Brainfuck". In 2020 she received the Grand Prix Literature for her work, the highest award given by Switzerland for literary work.


2008 - Wolfgang Koeppen Prize
2009 - Invitation to the Mühlheimer Theatertage
2010 - Culture Prize of the Canton of Zurich
2010 - Long List German Book Prize
2012 - Nomination Swiss Book Prize (2012)
2012 - Culture Prize of the City of Zurich
2014 - Es sagt mir nichts. Best play of the year elected by "Theater Heute"
2016 - Friedrich Luft Prize for the play "Und dann kam Mirna"
2016 - Radio play award of the war-blind for "Und jetzt: Die Welt"
2016 - Audience Award of the Mülheim Festival "Stücke 2016" for "Und dann kam Mirna"
2016 - Else-Lasker-Schüler Drama Prize
2019 - Kassler literature prize for grotesque humor
2019 - Thuringian Literature Prize
2019 - Nestroy Theater Prize
2019 - Swiss Book Prize for the novel "GRM - Brainfuck"
2020 - Grand Prix Literature
2020 - Berthold Brecht Prize

2020 - Johann-Peter-Hebel-Preis      



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