Herr Mautz

Herr Mautz

Herr Mautz has travelled to the Far East and finds himself in a shabby hotel room where three cockroaches are impatiently awaiting his death. They encourage him to choose one moment from his past to take with him into eternity. Images of his carefully planned life rush by him in quick succession. Herr Mautz had methodically learned and ticked off one emotion per year. Nothing in his life had ever struck him as out of place, quite the contrary - he found his accomplishments remarkably pleasing. But regretfully, no single moment for eternity willingly reveals itself, and suddenly the last thing he feels is the sense of dying. Then Herr Mautz has an unpleasant inkling, but it comes a little late…

"As long as there are plays of this quality by Sibylle Berg, theatre is not doing too badly."  - Theater der Zeit

9.3.2002 Theater Oberhausen

Klaus Weise

Rowohlt Theaterverlag

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