In the Gardens

In the Gardens

In the politically correct, vegan, contrasting present, the gender struggle seems fought out. Gone are the days when men explained the world to women and women had to endure bad sex. Women have long been in leading positions and no longer even need men to reproduce.

»Women hardly miss them [the men], since they are busy letting themselves be jolted by mansplaining super-sex toys, sitting on executive boards and saving the world.«

Mirja Gabathuler, Nachtkritik

But where to with the former masters of creation, who have worn themselves out in fierce competition and at some point called for a strike, for sexual abstinence against the feeling of inferiority? As in a natural history museum, gardens of the past that were never a paradise are once again roamed through together: Stations of old couple relationships, from first getting to know each other to starting a family. The role models here have "tuned in" - in the sense of patriarchal systems of order - and made life clearer. But no one was really happy, and everyone is still faced with the question of how to fundamentally change the situation.

Subversively, Sibylle Berg Aristophanes' comedy Lysistrata not only reinterprets our present, but extends it into a future that sees man at the end replaced by machines - and thus perhaps frees him from himself.

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