A Few People Search For Happiness And Laugh Themselves To Death

Adapted by Stephan Bruckmeier "The men and women on stage are dead before they've even started to live. Then they

Victor's Life

In the year 2004, animals have seized power from humans. For entertainment, they can order "ordinary human lives" to watch

Dog, Woman, Man

A dog narrates the odd behaviour between a man and woman who have bound themselves to one another even though

Look, The Sun Is Going Down

Two different ways of life: one takes place in a "typical gas explosion district" whose inhabitants have sunk to the

Herr Mautz

Herr Mautz has travelled to the Far East and finds himself in a shabby hotel room where three cockroaches are

It'll Be Alright. Never Love Again!

It's New Year's Eve - the nightmare for all single people. On this particularly fraught night before January 1st, two

Make A Wish

A musical fit for Broadway Buddha, Allah and Elohim are worried: God is going through an existential crisis and has

Have I Ever Told You... A fairy tale for everyone

Adapted by Andreas Erdmann Max and Anna, 13, have decided to take off - in a rush, with no definite

The Final Golden Years

Even back in school, some thirty years ago, Bea, Rita, Paul and Uwe weren't exactly "alpha dogs". Bea got ridiculed

Only At Night

Is it possible to start over at forty? Petra and Peter, both about to step beyond the preferred target age

The Main Thing Is Work!

It's the company party at a big corporation. For some this is the highlight of the year, for others it's

Missions Of Beauty - Holofernes Moments

"Looking good means you'll be raped more frequently than others," is the first thing Judith from Kinshasa says, and she

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