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3. Dezember 2022

2022 Sound and Fury Play Reading Festival: Und Jetzt Die Welt

Wir Sind einander ähnlicher als wir denken. China- Da gab es einen feinen Talk mit Theaterschaffenden anlässlich der Premiere von; "Und jetzt die Welt" in Peking unter der Regie von Siån Chen.

Und Jetzt Die Welt is a winning project of our "Folding the Axis" open call in 2021.

The Sound and Fury Play Reading Festival is initiated by a group of emerging independent playwrights in

China who commit themselves to new writing, celebrating diversity and freedom of expression in writing and

In 2022, the Sound and Fury Play Reading Festival will present four iconic Swiss plays. These four works, by some of Switzerland's most active and renowned contemporary playwrights, deal with a wide range of contemporary issues such as philosophical reflections on life and death, female utopias, aging and fertility. Through the presentation of these four plays, it is hoped that they will provide audiences and Chep!r.? creators with some new insights into what theater is meant to be about at the present time.

From 12 to 14 August 2022, four productions of this year's festival will be presented in the Live Gallery at 02 Art Museum in Beijing.

The world of the past is fading away, what voice will you make in the face of the new world?