And Then Came Mirna

And Then Came Mirna

A half-emptied flat, suitcases and boxes. A woman in her mid-thirties and her ten-year-old daughter Mirna are waiting for the removal van that is supposed to take them to their new lives. As they're packing, images of 21st century womanhood and relationships are dissected as bitterly as the failure of ambition and the vague yearning for a new beginning that will never be real. And Mirna has inherited her mother's sharp sarcasm - much to her consternation - but seems otherwise to have turned out very different.

Sibylle Berg has written a sequel to And Now: The World, which was named the play of 2014 by Theater Heute magazine. Using the same actors (with the addition of Çiğdem Teke) and four children, director Sebastian Nübling and choreographer Tabea Martin show where the rebellious young women are ten years later, in their mid-thirties. They've had children and break-ups, and are contending with the painful realization that they will "only have small mediocre lives" - along with their daughters, who interrogate their mothers just as critically as the women scrutinized the generation before them.

Maxim Gorki Theater

Sebastian Nübling

Rowohlt Theater Verlag

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