Dog, Woman, Man

Dog, Woman, Man

A dog narrates the odd behaviour between a man and woman who have bound themselves to one another even though neither can stand the other's company. At the very moment they meet, the dog runs up and stays with them because he - like them - has nothing to lose and he - like them - is looking for protection. After a short period of devotion, human nature forces its way to the surface: love becomes possessiveness, closeness is replaced by mistrust and alienation. But a break-up is out of the question. The couple’s energy-sapping everyday routine binds them together like a taut leash. This all seems very natural to the dog: "We dogs and human beings are alike in many ways. We deal with catastrophes similarly: we accept them."

29.9.2001 Theater Rampe, Stuttgart

Stephan Bruckmeier

Rowohlt Theaterverlag

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