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End Happy

End Happy has a major aw: the book appeared before terrorism and natural disasters became part of daily life in Europe. It came out too early. End Happy is like a road movie that takes us through an ageing, disappearing paradise, asking a question that has become more urgent than ever: Where can we flee to when our homes are no longer safe?

The heroine of the novel leaves her home. She survives floods, epidemics, unrest, civil wars, then finds companions in suffering and loses them again. She joins a strange sect, observes the end of neo-liberalism before the word has even been invented, and finally she ends a brief respite from the apocalypse - a fragile happy end.

"As ever, when Sibylle Berg writes she does it mercilessly and unerringly."


"Sibylle Berg opens our eyes - and she's simply indispensable."