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Before Sibylle Berg wrote her first novel, she worked as a columnist and for Allegra, Zeit-Magazin and Stern. "Gold" brings together the pearls of this activity: Travelogues from Vienna, Bangladesh, Weimar and Castrop-Rauxel, portraits of Gerhard Schöder, Haruki Murakami and Phillip Boa, non-fiction prose on the invention of the stocking and talk-show culture, as well as reportage classics such as the visit to the Polish mass murderer Leszek Pekalski. These are joined by prose pieces that were supposed to be published by Spiegel or Suhrkamp Verlag but were never were never allowed to appear. And Ms Berg recalls the most polished passages from passages from reviews that famous critics have given her books. her books. Last but not least, this collection offers the most absurd letters to the author to the author and three Berg poems that have never been printed.