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Lost in the present, on the verge of ruin? This book helps!

We are constantly confronted with news from all over the world that we can neither classify nor properly evaluate. And they do not enable us to act. What should we do against the rising fascism? Against melting glaciers? Against surveillance and shortage of housing? Sibylle Berg tries to find out in conversations with scientists.

While working on her novel "GRM", Sibylle Berg spent two years talking to experts from various disciplines - systems biologists, neuropsychologists, cognitive scientists, marine ecologists, conflict and violence researchers. About the state of affairs in their fields. And about ideas for a future that does not look like a nightmare. How to resist slogans that insult the mind? How do we relate to the politics of divide and rule, which seems to be a model of success worldwide? What does the digital revolution mean, and is there actually still hope? This book is the right thing for all those who also ask themselves such questions and want to be better prepared for what is coming.

Conversations with: Lorenz Adlung - Jens Foell - Odile Fillod - Hedwig Richter - Lynn Hersham Leeson - Dirk Helbing - Jutta Weber - Iddo Magen - Valerie M. Hudson - Avi Loeb - Carl Safina - Robert Riener - Wilhelm Heitmeyer - Emilia Zenzile Roig - Rolf Pohl - Eliszabeth Anne Montgomery.

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