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The Day My Wife Found A Husband

In an already bizarre environment, in a spot somewhere in the so-called Third World, also known nowadays as a developing country, failed theatre director Rasmus is trying to plant his creative ag in a strange land, in the company of his wife Chloé. Then tragedy strikes: as with many couples who have been together a long time, who have become friends living happily and amicably together, the day comes when everything that seems invulnerable is suddenly questioned.

In the middle of the greatest crisis of Rasmus‘ life (growing old), Chloé meets someone who puts her in what can only be described as an exceptional erotic state. Does a good relationship mean that you‘re never allowed to fall in love again? Never allowed to have sex with anyone else again? Is it really an either/or? Chloé tries to do both - to keep her failed director husband and yet live out her new passion until such time as the matter takes care of itself, thanks to the natural abatement of hormonal arousal. Then an absurd scenario unfolds after their return the tropics: the couple live together with the wife‘s lover in an elegant urban concrete apartment. The lover finds some friends outside the supermarket, with whom he likes to sit smoking on the sofa. Rasmus pretends this is a nor- mal situation, while Chloé clings to her self-image of a passionate woman, until the lover then also becomes Rasmus‘ lover. The situation escalates in the quietly absurd manner of a Kaurismäki lm, and the ending remains open - but profoundly tragic.

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"... grotesque and crass and disgusting and disturbing, macabre and funny and close to the bone - in a word: beautiful."

Die Tageszeitung

"... riddled with evil, sarcastic bon mots, lively wording, and bleak criticism of our culture and of capitalism, all in the unmistakeably radical Sibylle-Berg-style."