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A Few People Search For Happiness And Laugh Themselves To Death

Adapted by Stephan Bruckmeier

"The men and women on stage are dead before they've even started to live. Then they parade their death throes for the last time - small trash-tragedies of loneliness, desire and violence. And of course, there are their causes of death, each his own creating a collective suicide that has transported them to Hades - murdered by a radiator, self-incineration, pills, car accidents. In fact, "Generation Shit" wears rose-tinted glasses even more than they are bent on fulfilling a death wish. The protagonists cling to love as the last utopia… Short Cuts seen through the prism of 90s emotions, a pandemonium of hopelessness and the void of relationships." - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Premiere: 7/13/1999, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart
Direction: Eva Hosemann