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And Now: The World!

And Now: The World!


The So-Called Outside Means Nothing To Me

They're smart and they live in precarious circumstances, because none of the internships they do makes any money. They sell home-made drugs on the internet, they write fashion blogs and try to boost the market value of their bodies in gyms, even though they despise the market. They communicate via Skype, text, chat or phone and still can't help but feel an overwhelming loneliness. In Sibylle Berg's "text for one or several voices", a young woman takes stock of her life so far. Once a member of a brutal girl's gang, she's now all about serene yoga sessions. Where there was once clumsy heavy petting in a summer camp, now it's gender issues and "sex" and "love" projects with men and women. Desire and longing only happens in movies, the family is a grouping you build yourself, while the world lurches on outside, making demands and creating impossible role models.

Sibylle Berg draws a merciless but tender portrait of four young women who, torn between aggression, apathy, outrage and serenity, are unsure about what we should be fighting for, and they even use the word "we" with a certain skepticism.

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"Berg settles her account with a world in which Hollywood movies are seen as depicting the ideal love life, friends are social media contacts, and shopping is a civic duty. What a wonderful piece of theatre - powerful, brutal, and desperate."

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Premiere: 11/22/2013, Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin
Direction: Sebastian Nübling. Currently running in repertoire