Sibylle Berg


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Fear Travels With Us

A travel-opera epic in several acts

An island far from civilisation; the travel brochure says this is one of the last untouched paradises. Karl and Karla, a couple of elderly teachers, want to take a vacation from themselves, while Ansgar and Kevin, two journalists in their early thirties, have chosen this place to investigate the grievances of the developing world. All of them are disappointed: there's nothing even remotely idyllic about the island, and no child soldiers or sex tourism. Instead, they find boredom, casual tsunami warnings, and hatred masked by professional courtesy. The travellers' old-style liberal ideals clash with the locals' neoliberal ambitions, a need for basic resources, and the desire for comfort - until all of them are taken hostage. A nightmare begins that forces them to reevaluate their preconceived opinions.

Premiere: 3/22/2013, Staatstheater Stuttgart
Direction: Hasko Weber
Ko-Regie: Sibylle Berg