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GRM Brainfuck

The "Brave New World" has long since begun, half of Europe is ruled by autocrats, the impoverishment of the masses is growing in thousands of decaying cities where people are being dumped to die out. Take Rochdale, England, for example: from there, the four children Don, Hannah, Karen and Peter set out to perhaps find a better future in London. They are driven along by the soundtrack that gives them hope: Grime, or GRM, the biggest musical revolution since punk. When the government announces an unconditional basic income for everyone (but only if everyone has a chip implanted in return, which serves the purpose of total surveillance), the four begin to resist the neoliberal system with the help of other hackers.

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Sibylle Berg's novel GRM. Brainfuck was at the top of the Spiegel bestseller list for weeks. "A book like an explosive device. Brutal and tender at the same time." (Die Zeit)
"Berg shows us the perversions, injustices, crimes in contemporary Europe. She tells in this extremely sovereign rhythmic language, which is not without compassion, but on the contrary full of empathy." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung)
"Be it artificial intelligence, populism, or capitalism in general, including the economic as well as mental drifting apart of the species: everything that is currently bothering us, real and/or media, has already taken a turn further in GRM and taken the worst possible turn." (Theater heute)

Premiere: 7/2/2021, Theater der Welt, Düsseldorf.
Director: Sebastian Nübling
Music: Ruff Sqwad Arts Foundation, UK