Sibylle Berg


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Picture: Judith Buss

Hate Triptych - Ways out of the crisis

A therapy in three wings
Variable cast

They live on the freeway feeder road or in overcrowded neighborhoods, they are dark-skinned or gay, right-wing nationalist or alcoholic, they are man, woman, or something in between, and nothing unites them except anger at a society in which self-optimization and functionality are the only things that matter, at the general market value - even though the market itself has been idling for some time now. Only when a hate master appears does redemption become apparent. The humiliated take up arms and fight back mercilessly.

Hass-Triptychon – Wege aus der Krise is a coproduction by the Maxim Gorki Theatres and the Wiener Festwochen

Play Trailer

"The theme of Berg's text is the hatred that has permeated society, primarily a relegated middle class because something has been taken away from it: the job, social interaction, sex, the future, the family, childhood, vacations in Provence. But it would not be Sibylle Berg if this criticism of late capitalism did not also contain a concentrated charge of cynicism. Because self-moaning leads to a provocative therapy: terror, shooting everything down! Usually, victim and outsider roles are cultivated in the theater, here they are challenged ... 'Hate, let up!', one wishes. But the dark goddess Sibylle Berg knows better. "

The Standard

"Such an exaggeratedly depressive theater of impoverishment and desolation that the overall impression is not denunciatory, but rather exaggerated in a beautifully evil way ... Everything, this is the black point of the piece, boils down to a discharge through violence: the rampage of the discarded."

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Premiere: 5/23/2019, Wiener Festwochen / Volkstheater Wien
Regie: Ersan Mondtag
Text: Sibylle Berg
Publisher: Rowohlt Theater Verlag