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It'll Be Alright. Never Love Again!

It's New Year's Eve - the nightmare for all single people. On this particularly fraught night before January 1st, two women take part in a workshop. One is in her mid-forties and the other in her mid-thirties. Both are attractive and smart, yet single, despite numerous attempts to find a partner. The workshop is called "Never Love Again!" - a good New Year’s resolution with guaranteed lasting effect.

Hosted by a wailing woman (who chimes in frequently with an "alas" or a "woe is me") and more importantly, an all-purpose man who takes on the role of various partners at different stages of life, the workshop has the two women act out their dating experiences. The only way back to their former ease is a rigorous exorcism of all their ideals, dreams and other delusions, so as to avoid the terror of coupledom and be able to say loud and proud, "the city we'll take, but no sex."

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Premiere: 10/1/2004, Schauspielhaus Bochum
Direction: Niklaus Helbling