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Look, The Sun Is Going Down

Two different ways of life: one takes place in a "typical gas explosion district" whose inhabitants have sunk to the bottom of society, the other in an upmarket area where the well-off are climbing the career ladder. As different as they are, the two worlds lie very close together - only a blink of fate's eye separates dignity and poverty. Here, we have supermarket cashiers, book-keepers and the unemployed; there, newspaper editors, web designers and event managers, but on closer inspection, these parallel universes overlap a lot. The same sentences are spoken in both worlds, and there are identical constellations of people, if not identical people. They are variations of the same person, whose social status is decided by the toss of a coin. Whether heads or tails wins in the end, everyone fights the same battle against estrangement from their body, loneliness and gradual disappearance - only the means are different.

Premiere: 3/22/2003, Schauspielhaus, Bochum
Direction: Niklaus Helbling