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Make A Wish

A musical fit for Broadway

Buddha, Allah and Elohim are worried: God is going through an existential crisis and has been neglecting the interreligious croquet game. Instead of promenading leisurely through Elysian fields, he takes the shape of a poodle and roams amongst the humans. Outraged by the state of his creation, he decides to put an end to the misery. Apocalypse now. But just as in its creation, there must be order in Earth's destruction. It took seven days to build the whole thing, now it takes seven corrupt souls to undo it all. And so God sends out his adoptive son Ralf, aka "The Evil", to hunt for souls. Whether it's a mansion, fame, fortune, sex or cultural distinction, Ralf fulfils one wish after another - in the most unpleasant manner possible, but always to the letter. One soul after another is sold to him. The other gods are getting nervous. If God erases everything, they'll all have to start over, a complete repeat performance, from dinosaurs to recycling. There's only one solution: Ralf must find true love, and as quickly as possible.

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Premiere: 9/28/2006, Schauspielhaus Zürich
Direction: Niklaus Helbling