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Only At Night

Is it possible to start over at forty? Petra and Peter, both about to step beyond the preferred target age for advertising, meet at a cocktail party. The misery of their mediocrity, the sense of failure despite a comfortable income, draws them together almost magically. They decide to get married, to move away together to a strange town. No more half-baked dreams of romanticism, of great unconditional love. Who knows, maybe you can find more happiness with someone who is not a prince or a princess, but who can make you feel safe and at home? But long-held preconceptions can't be shed so easily: two ghosts return to haunt Petra and Peter, intent on sabotaging their marriage. They conjure forgotten promises and trap them in horrifying scenes of their future conjugal life. Fear of failure, fear of illness or poverty in old age - the possibilities are endless. How alluring, in contrast, are the images instilled in them day by day, about having a successful career, owning a beautiful house and a flawless, eternally young body. Wouldn't the fulfilment of those high expectations be worth waiting for? Or are these just delusions? And how much courage will it take for Petra and Peter to resist the peer pressure?

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Premiere: 2/25/2010, Burgtheater (Kasino) Wien
Direction: Niklaus Helbling