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The Frieze Project

The daunting news that global unemployment might reach 200 million people by the end of next year may be the last thing on anyone’s mind as they explore Frieze London. But one of the most recognized writers of the German-speaking world, Sibylle Berg, has put the problem center-stage.

The Frieze Project (2016) is an experimental play premiering at Frieze London as part of the fair’s Projects series. The punchy, 20-minute production speculates about what will happen to all the unemployed and unwanted refugees after a fourth industrial revolution. In Berg’s first collaboration with Cologne-based artist Claus Richter—who is best known for his playful sculptures and installations that mimic fictional childhood settings—the duo has created a dystopian scenario in which robots run our lives.

Wonderland Avenue in the Frieze

Play Trailer

Premiere: 10/4/2016, Frieze Art Fair London
Director: Sebastian Nübling
Publisher: Rowohlt Theater Verlag