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The Main Thing Is Work!

It's the company party at a big corporation. For some this is the highlight of the year, for others it's just a nightmare. This time round, management comes up with something special: a chartered pleasure boat. And here, on the garishly decorated dance floor, the boss cheerfully announces cutbacks to boost revenues. The race is on as everyone fights to keep their job, and defiance and dignity fall by the wayside.

And so, while employees take turns to go upstairs and make intimate pleas, under the guidance of a motivational trainer, about why they shouldn't be the ones who get fired, some very different games are being played in the belly of the ship, occasionally using electric shocks. There are subversive moments that provide a brief respite from the power struggles and intrigues that burden everyday working life. But one question permeates all levels of the management and wage structure, down to its smallest component: is life determined by work, or is work just a way to prevent widespread revolt?

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Premiere: 3/19/2010, Staatstheater Stuttgart
Direction: Hasko Weber