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Things Can Only Get Better

The Meta Version | A piece of music for various people



The material world has had its peers. People have joyfully sold their data to tech companies, been monitored by biometric cameras, welcomed electronic ID cards and even bought their food, which was synthetically produced in a climate-friendly manner – at least as long as there was money in the online account. Now algorithms do their jobs, and at the edges of uninhabited cities, where nobody can pay the rents, idly blink server farms idyllically. The euphoria of the digital natives has been significantly reduced, since not even the optimization of one's own body as the last identity-creating place contributes something to well-being, since everyone only works with chatbots anyway. And what if the power fails or the cloud is switched off? It can only become even better if the great hope was: the engine for the resistance against the impositions of the present (capitalism, wars, climate change) and the entry into the auspicious metaverse. From the point of view of AI, however, which has long since thinks and acts independently, this "serious" only fulfills itself when man finally clears the earth so that it can breathe freely.

Sensitive and residious, witty and warning, Sibylle Berg shows how we have fallen into our self-inflicted "humanoid" misfortune – and how we might find out there.

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Premiere: 9/21/2023, Berliner Ensemble, Berlin.